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CareAnimations produces animated videos for care providers and health applications in order to offer more easy-to-understand information to patients about how to use their medications. In order to quickly produce highly personalized animated videos, customized to age and gender per medicine, indication, and form, CareAnimations works with TXTOmedia's video automation solution.

To be able to produce tens of thousands of animated videos, as well as age and gender-based versions, a scalable automation solution was needed — Paligo. The Paligo Component Content Management System required CareAnimations to convert their existing content into structured content. The big advantage of structured content is that much of the same content for different videos only needs to be produced once. Additionally, changes in a single component resulting in updated versions of all videos that use that component.

After piloting, capturing all the relevant metadata, setting up the right data model, testing, and optimization, TXTOmedia started to automate the animated videos in batches. In just a few weeks this resulted in tens of thousands of videos.

Join Wouter Maagdenberg, Rob Neeter, and Andrea Citta for this show to understand how these technologies are working together to revolutionize technical video content reuse. This webinar is brought to you by The Content Wrangler and sponsored by Paligo.

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