Leverage localization at the source, instead of the painstaking conventional way of video post-production.

Speak your audience languages

Marketing products and services across the globe can’t happen without localized versions of mandatory documentation. Often it is regarded as a cost, which means its production and distribution are always under time pressure and budget restraints.

Your global audience expects your videos to be localized as well.

Source Language

It all starts with creating the videos in the source language. Turn the source topics into videos, get fully automated animated videos or animations, or create the needed video fragments or renders using TXTOmedia's call sheets.

Add Translations

Add the localized versions of your topics to TXTOmedia's Video Creation Cloud to reuse the media assets and create your localized videos on the fly.

Automate Translation

If localized versions of your topics do not exist yet, TXTOmedia's technology can automate the process of translation. Either by using your LSP account or by default build-in solutions, TXTOmedia will automatically generate localized videos.