The Video Creation Cloud

TXTOmedia offers the Video Creation Cloud to help you and your teams to automate the creation and maintenance of video on the fly and at scale. Import existing written content into our platform to transform it into engaging videos, or start creating your new video topics via our editor.

Animated Video

Parsing written topics with images results in an Animated Video. For several use cases these videos are good to go. A huge advantage is that they're easy and cheap to produce by reusing 100% of the available content, and no additional investments or media assets are needed.


Animations exist of animated fragments, added to the parsed files. Often these fragments are manually created, but TXTOmedia's Video Creation Cloud also offers the ability to automatically generate animation fragments.

Live Action Video

After parsing the written topic TXTOmedia's Video Creation Cloud automatically generates a call sheet in order to create live action footage. After adding these fragments accordingly the Video Creation Cloud automatically edits your video in all needed languages within minutes.