Live-action Video

Live-action is a form of cinematography or videography that uses photography instead of animation. Live-action video involves real impressions, people or animals, not models, or drawings.

Topics are Scripts

Existing structured topics not only make the timing for your videos, provide the on-screen text content, and are the source for creating the voice-overs. They are also the initial scripts of your videos. TXTOmedia's Video Creation Cloud turns structured topics into call sheets/shoot lists to help prepare video shoots.

Create Callsheets

For live-action videos, a shoot list/call sheet is generated for external production of required footage. The final step is to render all elements into complete (personalized/localized) video titles by simply clicking ‘Generate’!

Scale localization

The already localized versions of your topics result in their localized variations. Adding live-action footage, screen recordings, or CGI renders leads to Live-action video titles. TXTOmedia's VCC adjusts the timing per language automatically.

Add Interactivity

Based on the timing of each video, and per localized variation, it is possible to add interactivity, in-sync with the video. This way it is possible to time subtitles, add an interactive menu, or to add e-commerce functionality to each video on-the-fly. TXTOmedia partners with Hihaho to deliver interactive videos at scale.