Why HP became a customer

Learn more about the reasons why HP uses the Video Creation Cloud for creation, localization and maintenance of their support videos.

Localizing videos at scale

HP is a technology company with over 80 years of actions that prove innovation. HP Inc. creates technology and offers a portfolio of printers, PCs, mobile devices, solutions, and services.

HP Support

HP Support uses TXTOmedia's Video Creation Cloud to create & localize support videos at scale. Video titles are based on existing content from the DITA-based CCMS of HP. This ensures the video titles to be compliant and consistent. Also, reuse of content and localized content is cost-& time saving.

Video Creation Cloud

The Video Creation Cloud helps to streamline the various processes and teams involved. From the technical documentation department, localization teams and the in-house video production team. All work and combine their efforts via the Video Creation Cloud.


To lower 'Total Cost of Ownership' and shorten the 'Time To Market' of video, especially localized variations of the video, HP choose TXTOmedia's Video Creation Cloud to help them scale, stay compliant and up-to-date. Using this technology also prevents HP's teams to get stuck in maintenance of existing videos instead of creating new ones.


Waste reduction

Localize Videos

To add multilingual videos to HP's Youtube Support channel.

Waste reduction

Shorter Time to Market

Reducing the production time for localized videos from 50 working days to less than 5.

Waste reduction

Lower TCO

>50% less creation costs compared to traditional video

Waste reduction


Offer tools and processes to localize video at scale.