What are the exact specs again? What tools do I require for this particular job? Or how do I clean this machine exactly?

All it needs is accurate instruction

Installation and maintenance require accurate instructions for professionals. Your staff or engineers at the customer's side need to be up to speed with newly introduced innovations. Their performance is your warranty for customer and employee satisfaction. Videos at hand provide immediate access to vital information, anytime and anyplace.

Well-crafted instruction videos are the fastest way to show how it's done.

Animated Videos

Animated, picture-based videos recycle already existing (technical) documentation to the max. By turning existing text into speech and reusing the already developed illustrations, Animated Videos are a very effective and efficient way to create Instruction videos at scale and guard content compliance.


Animation is the technique of making inanimate objects or drawings appear to move in motion pictures or computer graphics. TXTOmedia Video Creation Cloud automates the creation of Animations, based on only a written script. Generating the full animation is automated.

Live-action videos

Live-action videos consist of actual video fragments or CGI renders. TXTOmedia technology converts a written instruction or training topic into a video script, shortlist and call sheet. A video team creates the needed video fragments, clean and without audio. After uploading these fragments to TXTOmedia's Video Creation Cloud, the live-action videos get created automatically, in all needed and available languages.