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Automated Video Creation

With unprecedented scale, speed, and control, TXTOmedia's Video Creation Cloud is the all-in-the-box SaaS solution that takes care of creating the video equivalent of the topics within your product documentation or training materials.

Video Creation Cloud

Instead of a studio with video editors, our AI-powered digital solution helps you process the videos' necessary components. So you can work with text and images, text-to-speech synthesizers or human voice-overs, and different types of animation or live-action video fragments to generate the required output in minutes.

‘Need 20.000 video titles next week? No problem!

The Video Creation Cloud (VCC) takes care of the various processes and assets needed to create & maintain videos at scale. Videos are based on templates for their storyline and styling. Its source comes from the so-called Structured Content.

1. Upload Topics

The Video Creation Cloud (VCC) turns Structured Content (i.e. XML or DITA) into videos. The VCC offers the ability to import topics from your CCMS via our REST API, to Drag&Drop exported files directly into our User Interface or to create new topics with our editor from scratch.

- Text to Speech

The first step in creating videos is to generate voice-overs. TXTOmedia's Voice Factory automatically converts text into speech in over 100 languages. It's powered by Google, Microsoft Azure, and others. It also generates a script for recording human voice-over fragments. Video credits: Microsoft Azure.

2. Generate Preview

For live-action videos, a shoot list/call sheet is generated for external production of required footage. The final step is to render all elements into complete (personalized/localized) video titles by simply clicking ‘Generate’!

- Download Callsheet

Your uploaded content has been turned into a callsheet to guide your video or animations team while creating the needed video fragments.

3. Create Fragments

The generated audio already creates a timeline, which will be enhanced by adding visual media. Based on the Call Sheet the created video fragments can be selected from the Media Repository, or you upload the newly created fragments easily.

- Media Repository

All media assets, such as images and video fragments are centrally stored in the Media Repository to stimulate reuse and enable versioning.

4. Render Video

By clicking the 'Render'-button the Video Creation Cloud starts to create your video title(s), including subtitles and still image. Now, all assets are available for publishing.

- Publishing

After rendering the video titles and approving its results the video files can automatically be uploaded to various systems and multiple channels, such as Digital Asset Management systems, Learning Management Systems or your Cloud storage.

5. Localize Video

The initial video title forms the basis for creating localized versions of your initial topic. Fragments are reused, the localized text is brought to speech and the Video Creation Cloud will edit these target language variations on-the-fly, while keeping all content in sync and reusing the media assets as much as possible.

- TMS integration

The Video Creation Cloud either imports your already localized topics, but it also integrates with various Translation Management Systems, such as Trados, XTM and Transperfect, to localize the base content (or its edited versions) directly and on the fly.

6. Update Videos

In order to keep the videos up-to-date the Video Creation Cloud can be connected to your CCMS. Based on Topic IDs content updates are detected and the video titles get updated accordingly, while reusing the clean fragments. This way your videos stay current and compliant in all languages.

- Versioning

The versiosing of your video titles not only helps you to keep all content up-to-date, compliant and to reuse the created media assets, such as the video fragments. It also enables roll-back and streamlines republishing your videos.


Waste reduction

Easy maintenance

TXTOmedia's approach to video creation enables reuse and updates on the fly.

Waste reduction


TXTOmedia ensures compliant product content to be used in videos, instead of loose interpretations.

Waste reduction


Regardless of the number of topics and languages to cover, automated video creation enables you to produce and distribute your content globally.

Waste reduction

Enterprise ready

TXTOmedia's Video Creation Cloud is designed to perform safely and securely under any circumstance, creating thousands of videos 24/7.