How to change a tire? Clean a household appliance? Or to make correct use of a healthcare device?

It all needs accurate explaining

Not only for compliance reasons but also to ensure a great customer experience. In fact, customer experience has become the new competitive battlefield in today’s crowded marketplace. Helpful how-to videos contribute to that and at the same time unburden the load for support desks.

TXTOmedia offers a groundbreaking solution to produce how-to videos at scale yourself.

Animated Videos

Animated, picture-based videos recycle already existing (technical) documentation to the max. By turning existing text into speech and reusing the already developed illustrations, Animated Videos are a very effective and efficient way to create How-to videos at scale and guard content compliance.


Animation is the technique of making inanimate objects or drawings appear to move in motion pictures or computer graphics. TXTOmedia Video Creation Cloud automates the creation of Animations, based on a purely written script.

Live-action videos

Live-action videos are based on actual video fragments or renders.