Join the Digital Transformation

The single most powerful trend that has touched upon each business in every industry is digital transformation. Now you can access the digital advantage by taking your existing content from paper based information to online video. Looking for a faster, scalable way to produce videos that need to explain or instruct? Automated production is your ticket to tap into digital transformation.

Four powerful use-cases

TXTOmedia Video Creation Cloud takes the content you’re now producing for large volumes of printed documentation and turns it into cost-effective, digitally managed how-to videos. But there’s more for you in-store, such as interactive training videos, instruction videos with captions, and the power to create localized videos.

How-To videos

Doing things the first time right. Help end-users engage, get started immediately, and support them when needed.

Training videos

Train people to perform better. Train people at different locations with unified and localized content they can access anytime.

Instruction videos

Show professionals how it’s done. Provide clear instructions available on the job for professionals, anywhere, anytime.

Localized videos

Learning starts with understanding. Now it's within reach to address your audience in their native languages.