Train people at different locations with unified content they can access anytime.

Train people to perform better

Onboarding new employees and offering ongoing training can now become engaging and effective by turning the written content - you already have - into inspiring training videos. Publish the videos via your Intranet or Learning Management System (LMS), and offer them in any desired language.

TXTOmedia helps you to treasure the value and performance of your human capital.

Animated Videos

Animated, picture-based videos recycle already existing training materials. Often we help to bridge the gap between existing training materials and the (new) LMS. By turning existing text into speech and reusing the already developed illustrations, Animated Videos are a very effective and efficient way to create Training Videos at scale and guard content compliance.


Creating Animations enables you to automate the creation of training materials. Compared to motion pictures or computer graphics, Animations enable prepared scenes to be customized on the fly. This way the TXTOmedia Video Creation Cloud automates the creation of Training videos, even if they need to be personalized.

Live-action videos

Live-action videos are based on actual video fragments or renders. Training topics are converted into video scripts and call sheets, needed by the video production team. They deliver the clean fragments back to the TXTOmedia Video Creation Cloud, and localized Training Videos get created on the fly.