Informing and educating patients

CareAnimations produces animations and pictograms for care providers and health applications to offer easy-to-understand information to patients about their medicines. For many patients, understanding and reading health information is difficult. This is one of the main reasons that treatment recommendations are not followed, and 30% to 50% of medicines are not taken as prescribed, leading to unnecessary disease burden and costing societies billions each year. To produce thousands of animations, per medicine, indication, form, and customized to age and gender CareAnimations trusts on TXTOmedia's Video Creation Cloud.

Watch your Meds

CareAnimations was already successful in the Netherlands with the ‘Kijksluiter’ or in English: ‘Watch your Meds’. The majority of Dutch pharmacies use these personalized videos to inform their clients about their medicines and how to use them. The video on the right shows a young female patient that got Paracetamol prescribed as a tablet. This interactive video is in English. You can click its menu.

Scaling creation

Working for the Dutch market, there was already a great need to scale because of the sheer volume. When CareAnimations started to expand its business internationally this need became even more obvious, because of the multitude of languages to cover. Another reason for automation is the ongoing maintenance of existing videos. The video here shows an older male patient getting his information in Dutch.

Introducing Structured Content

To change from a more traditional production process to an automated workflow, the first step was to introduce and implement a Component Content Management System (CCMS). This also required CareAnimations to convert their existing content into structured content. The big advantage of structured content is that much of the same content for different videos only needs to be produced once, in order to be used as a component in other videos. At the same time, changes in a single component resulting in updated versions of all videos that use that component.


After piloting, capturing all the relevant metadata, setting up the right data model, testing, and optimization, TXTOmedia started to automate the animated videos in batches. In just a few weeks this resulted in tens of thousands of videos. The next step is to further automate the management and input of language service providers (LSPs), in order to streamline the localization of the animated videos.

Webinar on BrightTalk

Together with CAREanimations and CCMS vendor Paligo, TXTOmedia hosted a webinar to explain this specific business case and solution. Feel free to watch the recording following the BrightTalk link below.


TXTOmedia enables CareAnimations to achieve significant growth.

Waste reduction

Localize Videos

Working with TXTOmedia ensures compliant versions for an increasing number of countries around the world.

Waste reduction

Lower Costs

80% less creation costs compared to manual production and maintenance.

Waste reduction

Time to Market

Ensuring consistent quality and fast throughput of videos, subtitles, JSON for interactivity and their publishing.

Waste reduction


Using TXTOmedia technology also frees up manpower to mass-create medical device videos and to enter the veterinary industry.