Technology to turn Manuals
into HTML5 & Instructional Videos


Turn XML/DITA procedures into
How-to Videos in a snap


TXTOmedia automates the
creation of localized videos


Update animations and
live action videos at once


Structured Content Displayed
within a New Perspective

Welcome to TXTOmedia

TXTOmedia helps global organizations meet the growing demand for video with a brand new technology that makes automated video creation a reality.

TXTOmedia’s technology is the smartest way to produce high volumes of digital media by automatically transforming Structured Content into localized, dynamic videos, interactive media and more. Organizations can now quickly and effectively produce video for every use case, in multiple languages.

The Uses of our Technology

TXTOmedia enables organizations to produce high volumes of dynamic media quickly, effectively and economically. Our automated technology works directly with your CCMS to create instructional videos that can be viewed online across all devices.

  • Turn Structured Content into instructional videos
  • Publish video & interactive media directly from your CCMS
  • Automate the creation of localized videos
  • Update and maintain videos with ease
  • Create animated and live-action videos on the fly

How it works

TXTOmedia technology transforms selected text into speech, times the appearance of illustrations and on-screen text and is able to replace existing illustrations with live-action video fragments.

From a single-source perspective, TXTOmedia technology adds value to existing CCMS solutions and enables organizations to create video from DITA/XML structures.

The Power of Instructional Videos

Video is the number one channel of information sought out by the modern consumer. More than 70% of YouTube traffic is now generated by users looking to learn and solve problems. It is no wonder that organisations are increasingly recognizing the influence of video upon consumers.

  • 8 out of 10 YouTube users indicate they are discovering new things from how-to videos
  • Most modern consumers prefer to watch a video instead of reading a manual
  • 50% of in-store & online consumers watch videos before buying
  • The instruction value of video outperforms that of written manuals

    TXTOmedia Technology

    Structured Studio
    Video Library
    Voice Factory
    Dynamic Graphics

    Ready to generate & update video in bulk?

    Ask us to turn your written procedures and training materials into how-to videos.

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