TXTOmedia's Video Creation Cloud is often part of an integrated workflow and automated processes. To enable our customers and users we offer some seamless integrations with technologies of our partners.

XTM Translation Workflow

Topics created with the TXTOmedia VCC Editor, or imported into our Video Creation Cloud from i.e. a CCMS can be localized using XTM Cloud. This video shows and demoes you this process.

Turn ST4 content into videos in various ways

During Quanos Connect '24 Wouter, our CEO, explained how content from Quanos ST4 is turned into videos in an automated way.

Scaling Video Production with content reuse

CCMS vendor Paligo & TXTOmedia teamed up to enable CAREanimations to create animations at scale. 10,000's of videos are automatically created and updated using written structured content only as an input.