TXTOmedia - The Video Automation Company - debuts at CES: Turn Paper into Videos for Sustainability

TXTOmedia debuts in the US

TXTOmedia offers SaaS-technology to automate the creation of localized how-to & training videos: minimizing paper, optimizing the experience. According to 'Think with Google' more than seven in 10 viewers often use YouTube to solve problems, and nearly half of all smartphone users are more likely to buy from companies with mobile how-to video content.

Online Video reduces carbon footprint

"Converting just one topic from a multilingual paper manual to video already saves multiple pages per manual. And each sheet of paper you save equals more than 1 oz of CO2 reduction," says Wouter Maagdenberg, CEO of TXTOmedia. "If you sell millions of items yearly, this seriously adds up. Apart from the CO2 benefits it also reduces cost and packaging and the information in the online video is never out of date!"


TXTOmedia is about to speed up the time-to-market of video and improve customer and employee satisfaction, while decreasing cost and carbon footprint by minimizing the billions of paper manuals printed and shipped annually. All is done highly automated and in the native language of the audience, which makes it very easy to understand. TXTOmedia's technology automatically creates both picture-based animation as well as live-action videos.


"TXTOmedia enables us to expand internationally", says Rob Neeter, CEO of CAREanimations. He adds: "For us, the TXTOmedia technology transforms hundreds of written dialogues between a pharmacist and different patient groups about how to take and use their medicine into thousands of personalized how-to videos on the fly, automatically and within minutes. TXTOmedia enables us to scale and support our international expansion."

Visual media and native language improve learning

Localized videos offer equal chances

Localized instructional videos not only replace paper and calls to call centers. In addition, providing localized training videos equalizes the level of education among international staff, resulting in less downtime, less waste, and less cost.

TXTOmedia enables their enterprise customers, like consumer electronics, goods, and automotive organizations to produce high volumes of videos in more than 60 languages quickly, effectively, and economically. The company's automated technology works directly with an organization's existing content and systems. Utilizing machine learning, TXTOmedia's technology quickly and easily transforms selected written text into speech, synchronizes the appearance of illustrations and on-screen text, and is able to replace existing illustrations with live-action video fragments. From a single-source perspective, TXTOmedia's technology 1/2adds value to existing CCMS solutions and enables organizations to easily create compliant videos, even from DITA/XML structures. TXTOmedia is about reuse, speed, and compliance. "Hundreds of millions have already been spent on creating and translating carefully developed user and maintenance manuals, training materials, and user guides, but today users prefer visual content, such as video. "We offer a solution to reuse existing materials and repurposing the already made investments. It's all about doing things the first time right!" says Menno Bolt, CTO of TXTOmedia. The company has signed commercial contracts with companies like Philips, HP, Marine Instruments, and CAREanimations and is currently running POCs with many others. TXTOmedia participates at CES2022 - booth 61928 - as part of the Dutch Startup Pavilion at Eureka Park in the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas. The company is seeking to raise more awareness of TXTOmedia by engaging attending press in order to generate more media coverage and buzz that helps to drive business leads to TXTOmedia.

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