Nimdzi named TXTOmedia in Top 25

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The Nimdzi team is always on the lookout for the next (disruptive) innovations in the language industry. An idea so innovative that it could transform and reshape our industry? Coming up with new ideas is not necessarily difficult, but being truly inventive can be hard — although that certainly isn’t for everyone! Indeed, our industry is home to some uniquely creative individuals and companies that have been blazing trails for others to follow.

That’s why they’ve decided to create a list of the most innovative companies in the language industry. Now, when adding brands to our list, we weren’t trying to associate innovation with language technology alone: we also thought of companies with unique business models.

Nimdzi about TXTOmedia

"They found a niche (training/how-to videos) where companies usually don't have much budget to invest in and automated the whole process from the creation of the original content to the localization in multiple languages, within minutes."

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TCworld, here we come!

TXTOmedia teams with Tony's Chocolonely at TCworld

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LocWorld - 11-13 July, Berlin

Together with Agnieszka Szarkowska, Wouter Maagdenberg, TXTOmedia's CEO, will host the Media Localization Today panel.

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New TXTOmedia Office

TXTOmedia opens its office in The Hague, The Netherlands, July 1st, 2022.

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STC Summit Chicago

TXTOmedia not only sponsors the event because it is vital to bring the community together, but we also participate in the program.

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TXTOmedia at ConVEx

TXTOmedia features at ConVEx during the Wednesday morning session, and we will host a test kitchen.

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Instruction Videos Are The New Marketing Gold

Wouter Maagdenberg, CEO of TXTOmedia has written the article: “Instruction videos are the new marketing gold” for the November issue of TCworld magazine.

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Webinar: Scaling Video Production with Content Reuse

Learn how structured content can help you create medical content videos quickly and effortlessly

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TXTOmedia wins #PIC during LocWorld42

TXTOmedia wins the 8th Process Innovation Challenge

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TXTOmedia @ CES2022

TXTOmedia exhibits at CES2022 in Las Vegas as part of the Dutch delegation at Eurekapark.

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