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Enterprise Grade CCMS - Make Your Content Intelligent. Paligo is a cloud-based Component Content Management System (CCMS) with powerful single-sourced content reuse for technical documentation, training content, policies and procedures, and efficient knowledge management. SMEs will also love the familiar user-friendly SaaS UI. With version history and roll-back, version branching, and release management made specifically for technical writers and content authors, you don't have to worry about the complexity of traditional developer-oriented version control systems. Find out what Paligo can do for you, and start creating intelligent content.

Why Paligo & TXTOmedia

Paligo & TXTOmedia: Reduce time to market by easily creating and maintaining multichannel localized technical documentation, policies and procedures in Paligo with TXTOmedia. Paligo's component content management system (CCMS) means that your content is structured and single-sourced for efficient publication to multiple formats whilst maintaining brand consistency.

Paligo webinar

Paligo hosted a BrightTalk webinar on 'Scaling video production with content reuse' together with CAREanimations and TXTOmedia. Please follow the link below to watch its recording.


Sweden, Ireland & USA