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Connect your technical documentation to TXTOmedia and generate videos on the fly. In any language. Version controlled.


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The DITA format, one of the most important standards in technical documentation management, is supported out of the box.


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From now on, it is not only possible to offer video to your customers but also to control its bulk creation and management.

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TXTOmedia converts text-based technical documentation into video, in any language. Enhance your customer experience strategy with quality, instructional videos that can be used across social media channels or within OEM solutions.

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The TXTOmedia Steps

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File Parser

TXTOmedia accepts various Structured Content formats, such as DITA, S1000D and XML. Once ingested into our platform, these files are ready for processing and rendering.

Media Editor

The ingested content, most often topic based items are taken to the media editor for modulating the clips and matching these with the designated scripts and styling.

Script Builder

Scripts define the behavior of your content on display. Scripts are based on topic types and automatically match with content based on these topic types.

Render Farm

After preview and approval, videos and animations are rendered in the cloud, standardized on defined outcome, quality and content.

Voice Factory

Most content in a manual is typically text. This said Text-to-Voice samplers are the silent heroes of our solution. They transform all this textual content to voice, which is illustrated by the available imagery.

Media Gallery

Generated video files are stored for download and distribution accross diverse channels. TXTOmedia technology connects to diverse video platforms for easy distribution and publication.

Ready to turn your tech docs into video?

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