Will TXTOmedia become the PIC Innovator of the year? TXTOmedia presents at the Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) during LocWorldWide. The Process Innovation Challenge is about various innovators who will get a chance to pitch their innovative ideas with the goal of sharing their innovations with the localization community. This year, the PIC will be 100% virtual and is part of LocWorldWide, which takes place July 28-30, 2020. TXTOmedia is one of the participants challenging to win the PIC Innovator of the year award!

TXTOmedia presented its connected Media Creation Platform enabling the transformation of DITA / XML, stored in a CCMS, into a video. TXTOmedia automatically brings text to speech, synchronize the display of illustrations and/or video fragments based on the audio, and offers the initial content on-the-fly for machine translation, so it not only provides the videos back in the original language but also (draft) versions of localized videos at the same time, which are editable via any CCMS.