Inspiration and use cases

Single-sourced Media

Single-source for consistent product information, including video. It’s the answer globally, because it centralizes and stimulates reuse of unique content.

This topic-based content approach has proven organizations reduction of content volume, improved consistency and saving on localization costs. It’s key in order to be successful and efficient dealing with large volumes of i.e. technical documentation globally.

So far it helped organizations to manage their print, PDF and online publications. With TXTOmedia’s technology organizations can also transform this source content into dynamic media, such as images, animations, and video.

Localized Illustrations

Global organizations use imagery and graphics in many ways and deal with a growing demand for localized graphics.

Images and graphics easily become available in the local languages and synchronize automatically.

TXTOmedia Dynamic Graphics can also be used to personalize imagery, and to update numeric values in an easy way.

Multilingual Media

Traditionally, the production of instruction videos and e-learning content is separated from technical documentation creation.

However, this technical documentation content and their existing translations can often be used to create dynamic media, such as how to videos.

TXTOmedia technologies transform documentation into how to videos and e-learning content on-the-fly in over 55 languages.

Our technologies bring text-to-speech, reuse, animate & localize graphics, reuse video fragments and finally create animations and videos in various formats.

Fragment-Based Videos

Each step in a procedure is potentially a reusable fragment.

Together these fragments become a complete how-to video or e-learning episode. The more videos you create, the more often fragments can be reused.

TXTOmedia helps you to connect your Learning Management Solutions and/or your Content Management Solution with our technology in order to be able to start saving valuable time and money on content creation and localization, even while producing live action video.

Global Brand Videos

From an organizational point-of-view, the original source videos are often sent to the local satellite offices for localization.

This way these localized videos disappear and are no longer controlled by central brand management, with all risks involved.

Besides the inability to centrally control brand and updates, redundant translation and localization costs are made.

By leveraging TXTOmedia technologies existing translations are reused, offering content consistency and savings on both budget and production time.