From Media Creation Advice to Software Implementation

Media Creation Strategy

TXTOmedia and its partners can help design, create and organize dynamic media for your organization. This includes taking an active role in creation processes, based on the idea of single-sourced content and optimized reuse of resources.

Dynamic Media Creation

At TXTOmedia we understand the complexity of creating media. We will gladly assist your organization in creating future-proof solutions and workflows, which allow for the ongoing, automated creation of dynamic media.

Allow us to demonstrate the best way to reuse your existing assets and resources to produce dynamic, localized videos and more.

Media Creation Automation

There are several methods to partly or fully automate media creation.

At first, structured content, i.e. XML-files, are transformed into media creation project files, which are compatible with media creation software. In this way, existing content can be reused, without the need for labor-intensive editing.

Secondly, these XML-files are automatically transformed into dynamic media. It is as simple as that!

Engagement Services

TXTOmedia will happily provide advice for potential customers who are looking to automatically transform their written content into dynamic media. We will need to take a look at your existing content, as well as to understand which technologies your organization uses. We offer two different services: the Quick Scan and the Discovery Pilot.

Quick Scan

This is a free service for all potential customers.

Simply provide us with the manuals or topics you would like to see transformed from text into dynamic media (don’t forget to state which language you require!).

TXTOmedia will present you with the results.

Discovery Pilot

The discovery pilot is a paid service, which will demonstrate the ROI your company will receive by using TXTOmedia technology.

We will continue where the Quick Scan left off. By this stage, we already know your content fits with our technology, and that you have a need for our service. The Discovery Pilot will look at existing content technologies to potentially connect with, as well as setting the right business KPIs in order to measure success.

Implementation Services

TXTOmedia and its partners will always assist with the implementation of TXTOmedia technologies. We will connect with your existing infrastructure and, if required, help your organization to adapt its content structures and architecture in order to optimise results.

Setup & Onboarding

TXTOmedia will always start up your systems.

A style guide will be defined, templates will be developed and speech settings tuned.

CMS/CCMS integration

In order to publish your dynamic media from within your CCMS, our technologies will need to connect. TXTOmedia will integrate the various technologies, making it possible for you to go live.