The how to company for interactive video. 


Hihaho builds a world where people can learn and instruct much more effectively by using interactive video. Hihaho offers the platform and knowledge to empower everyone to create, distribute and use more effective interactive videos.

Why Hihaho & TXTOmedia

Hihaho has an API integration with TXTOmedia, enabling customers to automatically generate interactive layers on top of lineair videos that have been generated by TXTOmedia out of structured content repositories.  This way TXTOmedia not only publishes videos directly but also the needed subtitle and interactive JSON files.

Hihaho & TXTOmedia

Hihaho and TXTOmedia are technology suppliers to i.e. CAREanimations. TXTOmedia processes the creation of 'Watch Your Meds' videos at scale, and Hihaho technology enables these videos to be interactive.


Hihaho is a worldwide SaaS platform for DIY interactive video. We have partner agencies in The Netherlands, Denmark, USA, Australia, Japan, Chili/South America, The Caribbean and Spain.