Consumer Electronics by TXTOmedia

Consumer Electronics

TXTOmedia technology is focussed on several industries. User manuals, maintenance instructions and installation guides are typical examples of technical publications in the Consumer Electronics industry, based on structured content formats such as DITA.

Topic based content management is key for succesfull and efficient management of the large content libraries these organizations typically deal with.  TXTOmedia offers file parsers, like the DITA for automating the transformation of textual topic based manuals to topic video.

The Automotive industry typically deals with training materials and maintenance instruction for its dealers, traditional paper end-user manuals, but also with the more modern media based instructions on the in-car entertainment systems.

TXTOmedia’s technology is ideal to generate the rich media formats that are in demand more and more. Based on the existing training and support content in its traditional form, TXTOmedia technology will generate all visuals, in-car media and video needed to optimize today’s user experience and satisfy future customers.

Automotive industry of TXTOmedia


Aviation Industry by TXTOmedia

Aviation Industry & Military

The Military, Aviation Industry, and Offshore Industry share the use of many technical drawings, instructions and heavy procedures. Document Management formats such as S1000D specialize in supporting their demands.

Together with these industries TXTOmedia develops solutions to support work methods of today and tomorrow, like VR and Augmented Reality solutions. Again all is based on existing knowledge and know how in their current systems.